Specialty Screens – Metal Facade Systems


QC Facades range of QC Fins are exceptionally strong, flat and lightweight.

They are comprised of pre-coated aluminum skins bonded to an expanded aluminum honeycomb core and ca be manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and shapes which can be curved and folded.

QC Fins are extremely rigid. They may be spanned horizontally and vertically and can be fixed to a variety of sub-frames. Installation can also be independent of the façade construction with fins engineered to be installed during new construction or on an existing building.



Material: Anodized Aluminum, Zinc

Finishes: Aluminum Colourcoat


Panel thickness: 1”

Minimum cavity: 2 ½”

Min. system depth: 3 ½”

Reveal: ⅜”

Joint type: Open joint

Minimum radius: 20”

Maximum panel: 5′ x 20’


Fire Rating: Class A Fire Rating (ASTM E84)

Sustainability: HPD, LEED, VOC free, Red List free, 100% Recyclable, Made from 20% recycled content.

Durability: Resists UV Degradation & Corrosion, Resists Chemical Exposure, Color Resists Fading, Chalking, or Loss of Gloss

PROJECTS USING QCfins | Specialty Screens – Metal Facade System

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