Modern Benefits of Installing Glass Building Facades

There are several materials that are used for structural facades, and one that’s gaining heavy popularity in many popular buildings is the glass façade. Generally recyclable and available in several formats, glass facades have several specific benefits.

At QC Facades, we have several selections of glass facades among our various products. What are some of the reasons why it’s growing so popular these days? Let’s take a look.

benefits glass building facades

Strength and Weather Resistance

While some may not think of it this way, the materials used in glass facades are extremely strong and durable. They’re designed to resist major weather elements, including high winds, rain, snow, sleet and everything in between.

Not only will glass hold off these elements, it will do so without changing its appearance. It does not rust or otherwise corrode due to weather, unlike some other materials, meaning that kind of wear won’t be an issue for all structures that use glass.


Another primary benefit of glass facades is the way they assist with energy efficiency. Those in charge of large commercial buildings will know just how large a concern energy use can be from a financial and environmental standpoint, but glass facades offer major assists here.

For starters, modern glass is fantastic at regulating temperature in large structures. It’s fantastic for helping businesses meet the strict commercial standards in place in terms of energy use, and will become even more popular in the upcoming years as these regulations continue to tighten in the face of public demand. And finally, glass allows for natural light to pass through into structures, a quality that can save huge amounts of electricity that would have been used on artificial lighting.


If your impression of glass is an inflexible, solid material that can’t be tailored very well, you haven’t seen the modern glass options available to you. Glass today can be molded into pretty much any shape you desire, plus it can be made either fully transparent or simply translucent if that’s preferable. And while some of the benefits here are aesthetic, which we’ll get to in our next section, there are several practical applications here that really matter as well.


Finally, on top of being functionally strong and extremely useful in several practical areas, glass facades are some of the best-looking options out there. Glass building facades give off a sleek, modern feel that entices many potential clients, plus can help with employee productivity and other similar factors. The customizable elements allow you to go for whatever design you want, creating a contemporary look that will stand out both up close and from afar.

To learn more about the numerous benefits of our glass façade options, or to find out information on aluminum, metal, honeycomb and composite façade choices, speak to the pros at QC Facades today.

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