How To Select the Right Facade For Your Building

Selecting the ideal facade for your building directly impacts your business. Aside from presenting a certain tone via aesthetic, facades impact everything from the environment to the longevity of your structure. Let’s take a look at some of the things we consider when selecting a building facade.

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Building Aesthetics

A building’s facade says a great deal about your business. Is it smooth and innovative, or ordered and secure? Depending on the type of business you run, the answer may vary. A tech startup may want the innovative appeal, while a bank may require a look that lasts the ages and reinforces structure and stability. The QC100 Honeycomb facade material creates that monolithic, everlasting, professional tone.

Additionally, we look at the functionality of the architecture, whether the building is a new or existing structure. Certain materials will simply look better with corresponding architectural features. Using modeling software, we can demonstrate this for you.

Climate and Facing

When we look at the architecture, it’s also important to consider the placement of the building itself. What will the sun glare be like when it hits the surface of the building? If it’s too reflective, employees and customers may have difficulty driving into the parking area. Our QC Glass facade, for example, is specially designed to deal with sun glare issues.

The height of your building is also a consideration. We use different facade materials for skyscraper structures versus low, flat commercial buildings. The QC300 Honeycomb material is specially designed for more challenging, taller structures, made of aluminum and vented to resist the elements. When considering more extreme weather conditions and longevity, it’s crucial to select facade materials that work.

New or Existing Project?

Whether your building is an existing structure or a new one can affect the ease of installation when it comes to facades. We often use the QC200 material in renovations due to its ease of application in this circumstance. It’s a versatile look as well: modern yet unassuming, making it ideal for a renovation.

Environmental Impact

At QC Facades, we take our impact on the environment very seriously, and we encourage all of our clients to do the same. The exterior of the building affects not only the aesthetic landscape of the area it’s in, but environmental features such as whether birds may nest there. The most significant environmental impact, however, usually comes from the manufacturing process, the building materials themselves, and disposal.

We also use some facade materials on building interiors, meaning it’s important to select something safe and visually appealing.

Our QC50 panels allow us to customize panels for the project, thanks to our unique manufacturing process. It’s also an environmentally conscious choice as we make these panels using natural materials.

Eventually, even the most sturdy building materials end up in the garbage due to future renovations or tear-downs. Decades or even a century from now, what happens when it’s time to deconstruct the building? Where do the materials go? Aluminum-based panels, just like soda cans, can enter a recycling process. There’s no need for them to sit in a landfill or leak harmful substances in the ground during a decomposition process.

We have the ability to create building materials that minimize your business’ environmental impact. Depending on your situation, location, and business or nonprofit status, you may be able to receive a tax benefit or credit when you choose these building materials. We’re always ready to work with local building codes and agency staff to ensure your facades meet status requirements for this, or for general application.

Let’s Get Started With Facade Selection

Ready to move forward with your renovation or new build? QC Facades is your answer: we’re ready to consult with you, compare pricing, and select the best facade materials for your building. Give us a call today to start the process.

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