Construction Design Benefits of Rainscreen Façade Products, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we discussed the standard purposes of rainscreen cladding, plus several additional benefits it offers within the construction world. Available in several styles, including glass, metal, honeycomb panels and several others, rainscreen facades are becoming extremely popular among building designers and contractors alike.

At QC Facades, we’re proud to offer a wide range of rainscreen façade options for any building consideration. In today’s blog, we’ll examine several other distinct construction-related benefits of these products, and why they’re such a popular choice among professionals in the industry.

construction benefits rainscreen façade

Durability and Lifespan

For one, exterior cladding in several of our offered formats is extremely strong and durable. While many structures in the past would have used masonry or timber as alternative options here, these materials are at risk of decay, cracking and even major discoloration due to rain and other weather elements.

Metal, glass or composite panels, on the other hand, are extremely strong. They will not warp or twist due to the elements, and most come with manufacturer guarantees on durability and longevity. Best of all, it doesn’t take major maintenance on a regular basis to receive these benefits – strong rainscreen façade products require very little upkeep, but will last decades on any structure, regardless of weather elements at play in the area.

Numerous Choices

Another reason these kinds of rainscreen facades have become more and more popular in building construction in recent years: The number of options available. Over the last couple decades, several great advances have been made in the field of rainscreen panels, meaning no matter what your specific building or protection needs are, there’s a rainscreen system available that will bring you what you’re looking for.

Over recent years, several products have hit the market that raised the average quality offered. Stainless steel, solid laminate and a finish called Corten are all examples, and there are others as well. There are also perforated panels to choose from, which look great and can be used for several purposes. Finally, your choice of accessories to match cladding is vast: Soffits, fascia, column castings and window reveals are just a few good choices here.

Rear Ventilated Cavity Benefits

Rear-ventilated rainscreen cavities, present in many of these products, are often the primary draw – they’re what help keep moisture away from the actual structure, helping the building last longer and perform better. This cavity refers to a gap between the cladding and the building that allows for air to circulate, this while stopping any water that penetrates by carrying it upward and out of the ventilated cavity at roof height. These benefits lead to better energy conservation, plus longer lifespan for several building components.

For more on why rainscreen cladding is so popular within the construction world, or to learn about any of our products, speak to the staff at QC Facades today.

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