Benefits of Pre-Coated Aluminum Facades for Large Buildings

Aluminum is one of the most common materials used for rainscreen façade products, and one type of aluminum façade that’s particularly popular today is called pre-coated aluminum. This material is coil-coated with a durable, flexible paint system, one that offers several benefits to architects and designers of larger buildings and their façade needs.

At QC Facades, we’re proud to offer a wide range of aluminum honeycomb rainscreen panels. Let’s look at some of the benefits offered by pre-coated aluminum panels and why these materials might be best for your needs.
pre-coated aluminum facades large buildings

Wide Range of Colors and Finishes

For starters, pre-coated aluminum is available in a huge range of colors, finishes and texture options. Using these design options, it can be fashioned to imitate virtually any other material’s aesthetics, from stainless steel to copper, zinc or even brass. Unlike many other types, it’s not limited to solid or flat colors.

Rather, it has a wide scope that allows it to create metallic, futuristic looks. It’s a fixed color, meaning it won’t mature and develop based on oxidation and weathering like other metals might.

Depth Factors

Another benefit of pre-coating aluminum is the depth it brings to any building. It allows aluminum substrate to really show through, creating a semi-transparent tint using a paint layer that will help it contrast with other materials.

One important note when it comes to depth: Pre-coated aluminum paint is directional, which means it has a grain that needs to be considered during any design process. This is an area experienced architects will have no issue with, however.

Color Consistency

One major reason why pre-coated aluminum panels are often used for large-scale cladding products is their consistency in color. The pre-coating process ensures uniform paint layers at all times, with virtually no shade variation whatsoever to deal with. This process also allows for longer panels to be created than you’d normally find.

Natural Material Recreation

If you don’t want a metallic appearance, pre-coated aluminum also lends itself to mimicking a natural appearance. You can specify woodgrain finishes, for instance, or a stone-effect façade for certain building types. But of course, you still get the benefit of a great strength-to-weight ratio and fantastic protection for your structure.


Finally, pre-coated aluminum products are durable and hardwearing. They can be folded during fabrication without damaging the surface whatsoever, and are known for great gloss retention even despite significant exposure to the elements. They’re robust and often pre-curved, which eliminates an on-site need for many builders or contractors.

For more on the numerous benefits of pre-coated aluminum rainscreen panels, or to learn about any of our façade products, speak to the staff at QC Facades today.

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